Joker Selfie Watch for ONLYWATCH Charity Auction
For the ONLYWATCH 2019 charity auction, Konstantin Chaykin is now creating a unique project. World premiere: mechanical watch as a self-portrait.

Now, as the Joker Selfie project is revealed to the public, the idea for this timepiece seems self-evident. However, the fact is that before Konstantin Chaykin no watchmaker in the world had conceived and made a mechanical watch as a self-portrait.

Joker Watch - an emotional discovery in the world of watchmaking
"The Joker is perhaps the most emotional watch in the world." They have a faceless face: the expression of the face of the "Joker" changes every minute, so the human eye can easily catch over 20,000 different grimaces and grimaces on the Joker dial.

How did Konstantin Chaykin imagine the Joker Selfie watch?

Konstantin Chaykin recalls a proposal from Luc Pettavino, the organizer of the charity auction Only Watch and the president of the Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies, to release a watch just with a dial of a different color. But Chaykin decided to do something more unusual...

Joker Selfie - details

Hours, minutes, moon phase indicator, days of the week index, function of gravitational alternate opening / closing indication.

Why doesn't the Joker Selfie Only Watch-2019 Piece Unique look like a regular watch?
It's self-portrait
It is the world's first mechanical watch made as the self-portrait of a watchmaker.
Watch with loupe
Konstantin Chaykin has equipped the Joker Selfie with a tool that is not used in watches directly, but is essential to watchmakers – a watchmaker's magnifying glass, or 'loupe'.

Again, he is the first watchmaker in the world to do this.
Bulat steel
The case of the Joker Selfie Only Watch-2019 Piece Unique is made of genuine stainless bulat steel, a special stainless alloy characterized by its extreme hardness and difficulty to work with.
Historical chronometer
He decided to develop a new basic movement, based on the famous precision Caliber 2809 of the Soviet Chistopol Watch Factory, known as "Vostok".

This newly developed movement has been heavily modified by Konstantin Chaykin and is complemented by a high-quality design and finish, provided in his manufactory in Moscow.
New secret function
Especially for this watch Konstantin Chaykin invented a new secret function with a day of the week display, with days presented as joker-style emojis drawn by Konstantin Chaykin himself, and a shutter that closes the right eye of the Joker's face when the watch is oriented horizontally.
And finally
This watch is one of the newest variations of the famous Joker watch. You can find more information about Konstantin Chaykin's Wristmons collection here.

The establishment of Joker Selfie
The watch creation process is long and difficult and consists of thousands of different operations.

Konstantin Chaykin & Only Watch
The impressive debut of the Joker Only Watch-2017 in the Only Watch auction left Konstantin Chaykin with no choice – the collaboration with Only Watch should continue.

In preparation for the new auction, scheduled for 2019, he decided to surpass the zirconium Joker and create an even more extravagant watch. A Joker again, but much more emotionally charged.